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UK Skimboarding Meet 2022 - South West (Cornwall)

Our first UK skimboarding meet of 2022 was held in the south west of England at Mother Ivey's Bay, Cornwall on 1st May. We had a great turnout with skimboarders from all over the UK.

Meeting time was at 12:00pm, just after low tide. Mother Ivey's Bay works at low to mid tide, with the two hours before mid tide being the best for skimboarding.

In typical UK fashion it was a rainy day but nobody really cared and we got a good turnout with 10 skimboarders.

After a few quick hellos we got in the water and started skimboarding straight away. The tide was still very low and meant the beach was flatter, causing the waves to break just out of reaching distance. Still we had some fun with the white wash, popping some tricks, riding what we could and having a go on each others boards.

It took a few hours for the water to finally make its way up the steep beach and allow the waves to form near the shore. On hand to keep everyone going throughout the day was plenty of snacks, drinks and beers.

As it approached mid tide the waves reached their best, growing in size and breaking right on the shore. There were some weary legs by this point, but we saw some great rides along with spectacular wipe-outs!

After mid tide the water had risen well up the steep beach and skimable waves became hard to find. The extra depth caused by the water rising up the steep beach at Mother Ivey's forces the swell to just dump at the shore rather than forming any proper waves to ride. By this point it was 16:30pm and we decided to call it a day. Legs were tired and everyone had enjoyed a great full day of connecting and skimboarding!

I personally loved every minute and was stoked with the turnout, seeing so many skimboarders on the same beach was amazing. The vibe was super friendly and it was great to meet everyone. We can't wait for the next one!

Check out our YouTube video from the day below:

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