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Skimboarding Mother Ivey’s Bay

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

When asking the question “what are the best skimboarding beaches in the UK?”, one of the most popular answers is Mother Ivey’s Bay, Cornwall. It gets this reputation from its sandy, steep sloped beach, which creates incredible shore break for Skimboarding.

As mentioned the beach is pure sand, perfect for skimboarding! No wet boots needed to protect you feet from shingle, shells and rocks. A nice change for myself, boots are a necessity at my local spot in Rhosneigr, Anglesey.

The beach has a steep gradient which guarantees shore break, even on just a small swell. The slope also helps you to gain speed into your run up and extra pace when sliding out to a wave.

On my recent trip to Mother Ivey’s Bay there was a good swell which MSW(MagicSeaWeed) estimated around 5ft. This created large shore break, the waves looked very similar to those you see on Californias best skimboarding beaches!

I was stoked as soon as got to the beach and saw the waves breaking. I rushed to get my wetty on, so that I could get stuck in. I skimmed it while the tide was on its way in, about 2-3 hours before high water. I had a great time, caught a few waves and took a few wipe outs in the process.

Mother Ivey’s is a ‘must’ for any wave riding Skimboarder. 🤙

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