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What size Skimboard should I buy?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

One of the most common questions is "What size Skimboard should I buy?". The Skimboard size affects three main factors:

Buoyancy – The larger the Skimboard the greater the buoyancy and the further you can skim.

-Agility / Turning – The larger the skimboard the less agile it is in the water and more weight will be needed to turn on it.

-Speed – The larger the skimboard the greater the friction with the water. If you are too light for your board then there will be increased friction and drag in the water, which will reduce your speed.

As mentioned above the larger the skimboard the greater the buoyancy, but if your skimboard if too large then this will make it harder to turn when you reach the wave. Speed is also a factor, if the board is way too large for your weight then this will increase the drag on the board, reduce your speed and stop you skimming out as far! You should pick the size of skimboard which will offer the best performance across all three factors. If you are unsure on what size board to go for (especially if you are a beginner) then pick the larger board. This will help you skim further out with the added buoyancy.

Check out the Shakas size Chart below to see what size skimboard we recommend!

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