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UK Skimboarding Meet 2023

The Shakas 2023 UK skimboarding meet was held at Mother Iveys Bay, Cornwall on 30th April. Meetup time was 10:00am, allowing us the hit the waves between low and mid tide.

I rocked up around 10:00 with loads of the skimboarders already in the water and catching waves. People continued to arrive throughout the morning and it was an awesome turnout and great to see so many new and old faces.

The supportive community vibe was incredible as usual. People taking time to connect, laugh and talk all things skimboarding. The whole beach cheering when someone landed a trick or caught a wave. With the mixture of abilities it was awesome to see riders taking time to coach and learn new skimboarding skills.

The swell was a little hit and miss with some longer waits between sets but as always Mother Iveys produced a ton of great shore brake.

The group was fuelled through the day with snacks, drinks, beers and even a homemade cake turned up.

Thanks to everyone who turned up! In summary, it was a super fun day with a great turnout. You can check out our YouTube video from the day below:

Thanks again to the photographers that attended. Here are a few more pics....

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looks like it was good craic, hopefully I'll get out in one of the coming summers!


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