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Skimboarding Hells Mouth, North Wales, UK

Updated: Apr 27

Porth Neigwl, also known in English as "Hell's Mouth", is a broad bay, about 3 miles wide, on the south coast of the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales. Its a ten minute drive from the popular village of Abersoch.

We travelled to Hells Mouth Mid April on a Bank holiday Friday, first stopping at Abersoch and then on to Hells Mouth to skimboard.

Abersoch is a cool surfing village with plenty of surf shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The village has a cool vibe and is well worth checking out if your in the area. Abersoch has a nice sandy beach, but it receives less swell than hells mouth and we were keen to ride some waves on the day.

After chilling at Abersoch we made our way to hells mouth, It’s about a ten minute drive, mainly on narrow country lanes. We arrived at 4pm, 2hrs before high tide.

Hells mouth is a huge bay, the beach itself is reasonably flat and generally more suited to surfing than skimboarding. However the beach has some undulations meaning the tide comes in unevenly. This allowed us to slide into waves from an angle, as the tide got higher waves also started to break diagonally, making it ideal for skimboarding.

Later on in there session as it approached high tide, waves broke far out with plenty of white water, making it difficult to skimboard.

Overall I had a great time skimboarding hells mouth and will definitely be back soon! I would recommend arriving 3 hours before high tide, this will give you 2 hours of quality skimboarding.

One thing to note, there isn't much around hells mouth, so afterwards we headed back to Abersoch to soak up the sunset and have a beer!

Check out some photos and our YouTube video from the day below.

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