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Skimboarding in Tenerife

Is it worth taking your skimboard to Tenerife? how much does it cost to take your skimboard or surfboard on holiday?

I recently went on holiday to Tenerife, where I visited Los Cristianos and Las Americas. Before I visited I was unsure whether it would be worth taking my skimboard. At the cost of £50 (flying with TUI) I decided not to take it. Hopefully the following information will help you decide if it is worth taking your board.

Tenerife is a volcanic island and has a rocky shoreline in Los Cristianos and Las Americas. Therefor these places have man-made beaches which are protected by Sea defences. The sea defences block the swell and stop waves hitting the beach. In Los Cristianos at high tide some swell will get through and create small waves which reach the beach. See the video below.

For me, although Los Cristianos or Las Americas didn't provide massive or constant waves, they still looked a lot of fun and I was gutted I didn't take my board! The man-made beaches are all sand and there is definitely fun to be had.

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