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The best Skimboarding Spots in the South West UK (Cornwall)

Cornwall sits in the south west of England, has countless sandy beaches and receives swell direct from the Atlantic ocean. Its a surf and skimboarding paradise, here are a few of the best beaches to check out:

Torcarne Beach, Cornwall

A beautiful beach in Newquay. You'll have to trek down multiple flights of stairs to reach the sand from the road. A sandy beach with waves and backwash coming from all angles. Try and catch Tolcarne with a longer swell period for the best skimboarding. Can be skimmed at all tides but best at mid - High.

Mother Ivey's Bay, Cornwall

The jewel of UK Skimboarding! A beautiful sandy beach situated next to a holiday park. The steep angle of the beach makes it ideal for skimboarding. You will find a similar dreamy beach break to that of Laguna Beach in Southern California. Can be skimmed at all tides but best at mid - High.

At Shakas we try a few tips down to Cornwall per year, driving from our home in North Wales, across the UK with the trusty Shakas skimboard. We hope this helps you plan your next trip!

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